DIY Ripped Jeans

Hey everyone,

Ripped jeans are a huge trend at the moment. I’ve noticed that most shops increase the price for ripped jeans rather than regular jeans and prices can range from anywhere like €30-€60 which is quite a lot for a pair of jeans. My solution to this is DIY ripped jeans! This saves you so much money and the you can personalise your jeans with the rips exactly where you want them and have them custom to you.

All you will need for this is a low cost but high quality pair of jeans, scissors and some upper body strength. When I’m buying jeans to rip I go with the Penneys/Primark super skinny high waisted jeans, usually in black! These cost £10 in the UK and €13 in Ireland which is excellent for what you get. These jeans keep their shape and colour as well as being a very comfortable fit. At this low cost this is an excellent alternative to buying pre ripped jeans.

First put on your jeans and decide where you want your rips to be. When you’ve picked a place cut a little hole in the jeans, than take them off and begin ripping where you have made markings. Try them back on and see if you’re satisfied with your rips, if you are then you’re finished otherwise keep going!

This is such a quick, easy and low cost way to spice up any old or new jeans!

Meg x


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