New additions

Hey everyone,

I know there are probably going to be mixed opinions about this post as I know not everyone agrees with or likes tattoos but as this is my blog I’m going to write about the things I love, tattoos being one of them. A lot of people judge people with tattoos and they can be treated differently to others and I think this is ridiculous. If you don’t agree with tattoos yourself that is absolutely fine but it should not entitle you to judge others and what they decide to do with their bodies. Some people see their body as a blank canvas which is there to be made art. I personally don’t agree with meaningless tattoos but if you have thought about something long and hard and it has a special meaning to you no one should be allowed to stop you getting it tattooed or judging you for doing so.

In May 2014 I got my first tattoo which to this day I still look at and love 24/7. This tattoo is ‘Stay Strong’ on my wrist. Some people may think they know why I got it but for me its almost impossible to put into words. There are certain people who know exactly what it means and they are the only people that need to. Although I love telling people about my tattoos and showing them I think if they have a very personal meaning its important to keep it that way. This tattoo has helped me more than people know and yes you may think ‘how can it? its just some ink?’ but to me it is so much more!

Today I got 2 new additions. I got a small robin on the side of my left arm and a quote on my right. This robin has very a very personal meaning to me of a loved one that has passed and now having it on my wrist is something for me to look to and know they are always with me wherever life may take me.

The quote on my right arm says ‘Certamen affert fortitudo’ which is Latin for ‘Struggle brings Strength’. This quote is very special to me and I have said it to myself repeatedly. Over the last few years I’ve been faced with many struggles and although they are hard at the time and may seem impossible to get through when you come out the other side you come out 10 times stronger than you were before. Strength is built through personal struggles and experiences. Struggle does not make you weak it makes you the complete opposite. Strong.

Meg x


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