New Hair

Hey everyone,

While I’ve been away I’ve made a change a got my hair dyed a new colour. I get this done every 6 months(ish) because I love to change things up and explore new colours!

For the last 2 years I’ve been getting my hair done by Olly Marmon at Chilli Reds Salon in North Finchley, London, and I can honestly say no one does a better job! My blonde highlights have never looked so vibrant, my hair has never felt healthier and the colour last months without dramatic fading.

Last week I decided to get rid of my pink hair and get a new colour and I went with a shade called ‘RV’. This is a plummy colour which over the pink has a lovely gradual fade to it. The colour showed up excellently on my blonde and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s nice to have a deeper shade for a while as the last two colour I’ve had have both been quite vibrant, red and pink. My debs (prom for anyone outside of Ireland) is in October and as I’ve picked my dress already and won’t be changing my colour before then I wanted to make sure the colour wouldn’t clash with the dress but I think this shade will work perfectly with it and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look.

If you’re ever around the North Finchley area and looking to change up your look a bit or just for a fresh hair style Chilli Reds is the place to go. Since going to Olly I won’t let anyone else touch my hair.

After a day at Chilli Reds you are guaranteed amazing hair and a pain in your side from all the laughs throughout the day! I’m already looking forward to my next trip back.

Meg x


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