Surround yourself with love

Hey everyone,

Friendship is so important. To me having a solid group of friends around you is like having a second family. Its not the amount of friends you have or how popular you are but the quality of the friends you do have. I’m lucky enough to have friends in my life that are like my sisters and sometimes I feel like they know more about me and understand me more than I do myself.

True friendship is so hard to find and I feel lucky that I have people around me who I love with all my heart and are always there if I need them. My friends are like the glue that keeps me together. I think its so important for everyone to surround themselves with positivity and love. Friendships need to be two sided. I’ve learnt the hard way that sometimes some people you have around you may be having a negative effect on you and bringing you down. If you have people like this around you you need to get rid of them and surround yourself with happiness and love.

There is a saying that goes ‘hard times will always reveal true friends’ and I find this so true. If someone doesn’t stick by you through your worst days don’t let them be there for your best.

Meg x


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