Understanding Anxiety

Hey everyone,

I’m going to put a little sort of disclaimer before I start this post in case I get any backlash. I want you all to know I am not doing this as a ‘sob story’ or for sympathy at all. I am writing this post to spread awareness and understanding.

If we are close you will probably know this but otherwise you may not but I suffer very badly with anxiety and panic attacks. I don’t really talk about it much and I keep it all to myself. This means that people sometimes don’t understand why I act the way I do in different situations. I think anxiety and mental illness in general should be a topic more spoken about. Although it has improved in recent years I think there is still a huge stigma around it which needs to be broken.

If you yourself have anxiety you may relate to some or all of the things I am going to talk about. Anxiety can be triggered for each person in many ways and may effect everyone differently. I’m writing about certain situations to help others who may not suffer from anxiety to understand.

Not every day is a good day…
Some days our anxiety may be worse than other days. We may just need some time to ourselves to take a break just stick with us.

If we get stressed or anxious if plans change last minute don’t get angry with us, its just how our brains work. Some people need to have everything planned and in order in their head before tackling it so anxiety of the unexpected doesn’t take over.

We may need to take breaks or take our time in different situations, we don’t mean to do it.

If we get nervous making phone calls don’t pressure us, just send us a text.

We know our limits more than anyone so please do not push us.

We may not always be able to put our feelings into words very well but we appreciate it so much when you are there for us and respect how we are and we love you although we may not say it all the time. You may listen to our rants or breakdowns and help calm us when our anxiety is at its peak and we cant put into words how much that means to us.

If we snap at you we promise we don’t mean to. Sometimes it can be very difficult for us to cope with anxiety and keeping it all in can lead to snapping at people we love and arguing over petty things but we don’t do it intentionally.

It can take us a long time to build up the courage to do certain things, for example, applying for jobs or meeting with new people, but be patient and we will prepare ourselves and build up the courage to do it in our own time.

Some mornings we may wake up feeling physically ill or just in a low mood. Don’t act like its nothing just because you cant see mental illnesses like you can see a broken leg doesn’t mean they are not there.

There are so many more situations I could mention but I don’t want this post to be too long but depending on reaction I may speak more about my experience with anxiety and try to help others struggling with it or even struggling to understand it.

If you suffer from anxiety remember, you are not alone!!! If ever you feel alone and need someone to go to and don’t know who I can be that person for you, my facebook page and twitter are open to send me messages 24/7. I want to help people facing the same struggles as me as much as I can.

This topic is very important to me so thank you for reading,

Meg x


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