Dealing with Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Hey everyone,

As you may know if you’ve read some of my previous posts or may not know I suffer with Anxiety. For a while it took over my life and somedays I feel like it still does. Living with Anxiety and panic attacks isn’t easy at all but there are a few ways I have learnt to deal with it and not let it take control of me.

Breathing. Breathing is a huge thing. Often when my Anxiety flares up or I feel a panic attack coming on I almost forget to breath sometimes. It is important when you begin to notice that an attack might be coming to breath. I try my best to remove myself from the situation when possible and focus on breathing slowly and concentrating solely on that. I find that it helps to calm my body and mind and I feel less anxious.

Hugs. Not always possible to get when needed but hugs are a proven antidepressant and they can calm the body. When I’m having a really anxious day sometimes all I want is a hug to settle me a bit.

Walks. I find when I’m feeling anxious going on a walk is really helpful. You’re not only removing yourself from whatever situation was making you feel anxious but it is time for you to be alone, clear your mind and let the fresh air relax both your mind and body. I think having some quiet time to yourself (like on a walk) is really important. It gives you time to think things over or clear your mind completely.

Talking. This one is tough because I know a lot of people including myself struggle with talking about personal issues with people but I find that talking to someone can really help. Find a person you are close to and feel comfortable with, whether it be a best friend, sibling or parent and just talk to them. Let your feelings out. I know sometimes its hard to even know why you are feeling anxious and what is going on in your mind but talking when you can is really helpful. It is difficult but you will see the benefit.

Living with anxiety and panic attacks is a daily struggle and you never know how much it is going to effect your day. Everyone deals with it in their own way but these are just some of the things that help settle me when I feel my anxiety flaring up. If you are someone who struggles from day to day with anxiety and you feel alone, I am here. You can message me over on my Facebook or Twitter if you are ever in need of someone to talk to. Please don’t suffer in silence.

Meg x


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