Drug Store Makeup: Hits & Misses

Hey everyone,

I’m a huge fan of drug store makeup and love trying out new brands and products in my local boots or superdrug so today I thought I would share some drug store products I absolutely love and some that haven’t impressed me at all.

First of all is a drug store foundation that I love and that is Rimmel’s ‘Lasting Finish’! Im a massive fan of Rimmel foundations, Stay Matte is one of my all time fave foundations but I’d never tried this one so I decided to give it a go a few months back. It’s full coverage, which I love, but it doesn’t feel cakey or heavy on the skin and its super easy to blend!

Sticking to Rimmel I’m also a big fan of the Colour Precise Eyeliner! It is SUPER black and really easy to apply! It’s a pen eyeliner so there’s no fiddling about with brushes etc. The really thin tip on the pen makes it easy to get a precise and neat flick every time!

Next a couple of products I’m not so much of a fan of! I have nothing against these brands, some products just don’t work for me so I’m giving you my honest opinions! The first is from a brand that I’ve got a few products from and love and that is W7. I picked up their eyeshadow palette in ‘In The Night Up In Smoke’ and it just didn’t blow me away! Eyeshadows are definitely a product that I think you get what you pay for in terms of quality. I didn’t find the pigmentation of these great at all. I have another palette from the brand which I really liked but the colours in this one just didn’t give me any pay off.

Recently when I went into my local Superdrug and I saw they had gotten a Makeup Revolution stand, I was over the moon because it’s a drug store brand I really rate. I spotted some liquid lipsticks and I was really keen to try them so I picked up one of the ‘Salvation Velvet Lacquer’ in the shade ‘What I Believe’. I was really disappointed with this product. I had high hopes because of other products I’d used from the brand but it didn’t meet my expectations at all. The formula was streaky on the lips, very drying and also felt super super sticky on! It started flaking off the centre of my lips within minutes, really not a fan of this one.

Even though I wasn’t a fan of their liquid lipstick I am a MASSIVE fan of the Makeup Revolution Highlighters! The pigmentation is insanely good and they are really creamy and easy to blend. definitely my favourite drug store highlighters by far. AMAZING!!

The last product I just couldn’t go without mentioning and its the Collection ‘Lasting Perfection’ concealer. This stuff is just wow! Super creamy & blend-able and really full coverage!! I absolutely love this concealer and have been reaching for it more than my higher end concealers. Love love love!!

What drug store products do you love or not get along with so well? Let me know I’d love to hear what other people enjoy using!!

Meg xx


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