Festival Season: Hair Styles

Hey everyone,

As we are now well and truly into festival season I thought that would be a fitting theme to focus on for the next few posts. I absolutely ADORE everything to do with festival style from the outfits to the hair styles and of course the makeup!! I’m going to V Festival in August and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been thinking about all of the above for months, eek! For the first post of this little mini festival series I’m going to focus on Hair!

I think the trend of Braids is amazing this season!! I’ve seen so many really cool festival styles using braids and some of them make me miss my long hair *cries*. Having short hair makes it a lot more difficult to do certain hair styles (including braids) but when I went to Birmingham pride at the end of May I put a small dutch braid in the front of my hair and I absolutely loved it! There are so many different ways to work a braid I think it is just a perfect go to style and especially for festivals. If you are camping braids are a perfect style because you can do them on 2nd or even 3rd day hair and just add some texture with a bit of dry shampoo. They are also great if you leave them in over night and then you wake up the next day ready for festival day 2 still with amazing braids!! By adding a simple flower crown or some hair rings you will have your festival look sorted! Here are some of my favourite braid styles I’ve seen recently and my own I did.

Of course I just had to include Kylie Jenner who absolutely ROCKED these french rainbow braids at Coachella!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 20.41.48.png

Fellow Blogger Dominique Nugent from LoveFashionandfros Absolutely killssssss braids!! Here are two amazing looks of hers, for more check out her Instagram where there are so many stunning hair styles! I’m obsessed!!!


Here’s the simple braid I put in my hair for Birmingham pride for you all you short haired girls out there with me!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 20.49.52.png

What are your favourite Hair styles to rock at a festival and who do you think has been killing braids recently?? Keep and eye out for more festival posts!

Meg xx




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