Leaving nerves behind and setting goals

Hey everyone,

Since moving to London by myself 5 months ago (wow that time has gone quick!!) I have had to grow up a lot. I have always been an independent person and people always said I was mature beyond my years. I have really had to push this and mature even more since not having my mum to rely on 24/7. Recently I’ve been setting myself goals and leaving my nerves attached to certain things behind. A major goal for this year is learning to drive. For as long as I can remember I have always said “I’m not going to drive when I’m older”. I can remember being around 8 or 9 and being absolutely terrified of driving, of crashing and of all the responsibility that comes with driving, especially when other people will be in the car. Since turning 17 so many people have been pressuring me to start driving. I have been terrified to start but as I’m now approaching my 19th birthday I think I finally need to put the nerves behind me and bite the bullet. The longer I leave it the more nervous I think I’ll become so in the next few months I’m going to do it. I will learn to drive!!

If you want to achieve something but are nervous join me and take a leap!

Meg xx


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