Time for a Lifestyle Change

Hey everyone,

I know basically EVERYONE says this in the new year and I’m not saying “New Year New Me” because I’m still the same person but I’ve decided I really need to change my lifestyle and be healthier. Although I’ve never been someone who’s happy with my body or the way I look and I’ve tried to change it so many times (with fail!) this isn’t the main reason behind wanting to make a change. Before moving to London I had improved my diet a lot but since being away from home it has gone back downhill and fast! I was looking at the food I was eating and realised I am not treating my body right at all. I constantly feel sluggish and have a lack of energy and I think my bad diet is partially to blame for that! I suffer with tension headaches as a result of my anxiety and a great reliever of stress that I don’t do enough at all is exercise. My headaches have sparked up a lot recently so I’m hoping by doing more exercise they will settle and become less frequent. As I said getting the body I’ve always wanted isn’t my main goal but of course its still a goal I have. I would absolutely love to be able to say I am comfortable in my own skin for once. Starting from today I am going to eat healthier and exercise more. I feel like by writing it on my blog I will be more likely to stick to it this time!

If you are one of the many people also making healthier choices in the new year I am with you 100% and we can all do this together!

Meg xx


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