My Fave Snapchatters

Hey everyone,

What’s one of the first things you do in the morning? I’m not afraid to admit that mine is catching up on certain peoples snapchat stories! I’m going to share with you some of the people I absolutely adore watching and can’t miss!

Top of the list has to be the amazing FacesByGrace – Snapchat: FacesByGrace23

I’ve been following Grace for years and I’ve probably seen every story she’s ever posted *oops no shame*. Recently she welcomed a gorgeous baby, Sienna, into the world and it’s just made me love her snaps even more, I can’t get enough!!


The next person you need to be following is MannyMUA – Snapchat: MannyMua

I absolutely adore Manny, not only does he show gorgeous makeup swathes on his snaps, he is also hilarious, honest and raw and I love him for that! Definitely one to be following!!


Another favourite has got to be Terrie McEvoy – Snapchat: Tmcevoy24

This girl is absolutely hilarious… especially on a night out!! She’s also a lover of travelling like me and I adore seeing snaps from a Dublin girl all over the world, something I would love to be doing in a few years.


Next up is the stunning Tara O’Farrell – Snapchat: Tara_Makeup

Tara is an insanely talented makeup artist and blogger from Dublin and I simply love what she does. If you love makeup, beauty and gorgeous little doggies you’ve got to be following her.


Last but by no means least is The Makeup Fairy Joanne Larby – Snapchat: themakeupfairy

I love Joanne’s snaps because she not only speaks about makeup, beauty and lifestyle but she also speaks about body transformation and healthy living. Seeing her snaps going to the gym or showing what food she’s preparing is a great incentive to get up and do something!

I’m a sucker for a good snapchat story so if you have any people you think I should follow leave their usernames in the comments below!

Meg xx

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