Midnight Ramble – Confidence 

Hey everyone, 

It’s currently 12:05am and I’m writing this post because this topic has been on my mind all day so thought I would do a little rambling post.  

Confidence is something I’ve always struggled with and everyone finds their confidence from different things. Recently I’ve been feeling REALLY low about my appearance. I’m super pale, my skin is in a bad way and my hair is dry and damaged. I’ve really just not been feeling myself at all recently and feel deflated when looking in the mirror. This morning I thought to myself that I’m sick and tired of having 0 self confidence so I decided to do something about it. I had a lovely pamper morning, had a nice long bath with my final lush Christmas products, did a face mask and used a body sugar scrub. I then applied some fake tan, took my time doing my makeup and put on a new top and honestly I felt great after. I took some selfies and instead of picking apart everything I hated about them I actually loved how I looked for once and felt happy. 

Sometimes it’s the really simple things in life like applying some fake tan and makeup that can make you feel a bit better about yourself. I’m in no way saying you need these things to look or feel good, everyone is different, but it’s just when I feel my most confident. If you love bare skin you own it!! 

The point of this giant ramble is to say do whatever makes you feel happy and confident. Have some ‘me time’ this week and bring out the confidence inside! 

Meg xx 


35 thoughts on “Midnight Ramble – Confidence 

  1. You are beautiful! I know exactly how you feel though, some morning I wake up and with no make up Im like ugh, and then with a bit of a refresh I am so much more confident! But honestly you have a lovely smile! x

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  2. Girl, you are totally gorgeous but I know that if you’re feeling insecure a thousand compliments won’t help you. I do the strangest thing when I’m out and about and need a confidence boost – I’d go into a clothes store, pick out a dress that I would wear, try it on, admire myself (and take a quick snap) but then leave it there. Just admiring myself for a few minutes gives me such a confidence boost.


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