The Jaymi Hensley Collection | Solaris Tan Review

Hey everyone,

As I mentioned in my previous Confidence post  I am a lover of fake tan, especially with the weather as horrible as it’s been recently! I find I can be a creature of habit when it comes to tan and rarely change up what I use if I find one that works for me but recently I tried ‘The Jaymi Hensley Collection’ from Solaris and I’ve fallen in love!

Solaris Tan- The Jaymi Hensley Collection. Shade Medium – £14.99

If the AMAZING sweet smell of strawberries wasn’t enough the formula is one of the best I’ve tried. I find mousse’s the easiest to apply and this one is no different. I prepared my skin as I do before applying any tan, exfoliated in the shower with a sugar scrub and moisturised everywhere, focusing on any dry parts like my elbows. Once the moisturiser soaked in I applied the tan using a tanning mitt and it went on perfectly. It felt super moisturising on the skin and it wasn’t at all patchy or streaky!

I went with the shade medium as I am quite pale with no tan on but didn’t want anything too dark and I think it was the perfect shade choice. It just gives a nice glow as if you’ve come back from a holiday. When it began to fade away I applied another layer on top and it didn’t go muddy which some tans do when they are layered. I think my least favourite thing about some fake tans is trying to get them off. Most go scaly and patchy and that turns me off a product instantly, but this one doesn’t, this tan just fades away gradually.

If you’re looking for a tan with a great formula that doesn’t have that awful chemical smell give this one a try. Let me know what you thought in the comments below if you’ve tried it! Follow me on Snapchat and Instagram to see the tan in use.

Buy The Jaymi Hensley Collection with Solaris here!!

Meg xx

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