Girl Online Going Solo | Book Review

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As it’s World Book Day today I thought how better to celebrate than with a book review. The Girl Online series written by Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) are some of my favourite books I’ve read and the first one is actually what got me back into reading. I recently finished Zoe’s latest release, Girl Online Going Solo, and I just couldn’t let it pass without sharing my thoughts!

With the first two books in this trilogy once I picked them up I simply couldn’t put them down. I struggled a bit more to get into this one at the beginning and it just didn’t grab me as much for the first hundred pages or so. (*Spoiler Alert*) It may have been because Noah, who is my favourite character, hadn’t come into it yet or maybe because there just weren’t as may twists as before. I wasn’t giving up with it just yet so I continued to read and then it started getting more exciting (Noah came back woo!) and I was hooked once again!

Just like Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour this book is really well written and pulls on your heart strings. Rather than focusing mainly on love I feel like this book ventures out of that and focuses a lot more just on Penny. Throughout the whole story you see Penny’s journey towards finding herself.

One of my favourite things about this trilogy is how Zoe brings important topics that so many people struggle with into focus. Whether it’s anxiety, LGBTQ+ Coming out or in this most recent book, divorce, these topics are always handled and written about excellently and this makes these books relatable to so many people, including myself!

Overall I absolutely loved this book once I got into it! I still have that same attachment to the characters that I did 2 years ago when I finished Girl Online. Have you read the Girl Online Trilogy? Which one was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Meg xx

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17 thoughts on “Girl Online Going Solo | Book Review

  1. The Girl Online series is one of my favourites too! I love how much it covers yet still in an exciting and gripping way! The characters ( especiallly Noah) are all so likeable! Ive definitely found myself crying happy and sad tears in to the pages! Lovely review x

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