Lying About Last Summer | Book Review

Hey everyone,

I’m back with another Book Review! This one is another pick from Zoella’s book club with WHSmith. I’ve read a few of her recommendations now and I’ve loved every single one so I had a good feeling about ‘Lying About Last Summer’ by Sue Wallman.

The story follows Skye who is spending time on an activity centre holiday for teens who are dealing with bereavement. Skye’s sister died last summer but Skye knows more about what happened to her than she is telling people. Throughout the story she struggles with keeping these secrets in.

The book is full of loads of twists, the biggest being when Skye starts to receive text messages from her dead sister. I found myself thinking about the story and all its twists constantly and had so many questions I was dying to know the answers to. The final few chapters were amazing and quite fast paced. I just couldn’t put the book down until I finished it! This book is excellently written. A definite page turner with so many surprises I never saw coming. Another excellent choice from Zoella’s book club.

If you have any suggestions of what I should read next leave them in the comments below!

Meg xx


20 thoughts on “Lying About Last Summer | Book Review

  1. This sounds very good! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 I’ve been on a self-help type book binge lately and I needed some good fiction to throw in the mix.
    xoxo, Sarah

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