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Hey Everyone,

Today’s post is all about an amazing new movement called Girls Active. The aim of Girls Active is to help encourage and inspire teenage girls to become more active and take part in more sports, in and out of school! There’s been a massive decline in the amount of girls aged 11-16 taking part in sports and P.E and Girls Active want to change that.


Unfortunately in school I was one of these girls not getting involved much. I absolutely hated P.E and would beg my mum to write my teacher a note excusing me almost every week. The reason I didn’t want to take part was definitely because of my lack of confidence and low self esteem. In Primary school I was picked last for team sports every time without a doubt and that stuck with me. I was one of the most unfit people in my year and wasn’t sporty whatsoever. I always felt like everyone was watching me and laughing but in reality they weren’t at all and I wish I realised this sooner. P.E was a chance to run around with all your friends and have a break from classes while being active and getting exercise at the same time! Too many girls, like me, aren’t taking part and letting lack of confidence take over.

Only recently I’ve found an activity that I love and its running. If you said to 15 year old Meg that she’d be running and enjoying it I probably would have laughed in your face. I really wish I found running back when I was in school because I am enjoying it so much. If you’re in your teens and don’t enjoy P.E find an activity that you do enjoy. Whether it be running like me, tennis, martial arts or even dance. Dance was probably the only activity I did when I was in school and I absolutely loved it and it’s such a fun way of getting involved! There is an activity out there for EVERYONE!!

Since going out for a run or walk every day I am really starting to notice differences in myself. I will run through all the benefits I’ve found with being active in my next Girls Active post!


I am super excited to be an ambassador for such a wonderful organisation with such positive aims for young girls! I encourage you all the visit the Girls Active website and read even more about the amazing work they are doing.

Girls Active Website:

Follow Girls Active on Instagram: @Girls_Active 

Meg xx

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27 thoughts on “Girls Active

  1. What a great organization! I was active in high school and played sports but only because I was tall and the coaches wanted me too! Now that I am older I find it harder to be active!
    Great post!


  2. It’s such a shame that so many young girls lack confidence with exercise, but it’s hardly surprising given our body-shaming and overly-sexualised media that they feel that way! Schemes like this one are so valuable for encouraging girls to take part in sport, I have a lot of respect for you for getting involved! You go girl!

    Abbey 😘

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  3. It’s really great that you’re sharing this and getting the movement out there.
    Exercise and sport is great in so many ways. Both your physical and mental health benefit from being active and if you happen to find something you love at the same time then that’s even better.

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